What people have said about coaching with me…

“I have had several one on one sessions with Pascale, the most recent was due to my feelings of anxiety due to the Covid 19 epidemic. Pascale has been fantastic on every meeting. She listens intently and then offers advice and reassurance which personally has made a huge difference to me in my everyday life. I also have a more positive outlook and activities that I can now do such as keeping a daily journal which make a huge difference to my positive mental health. I shall continue to work with Pascale as she is a breath of fresh air, a great listener and I feel that her own personal experiences and understanding of mindfulness create a unique combination many other practitioners do not possess. I highly recommend Pascale to anyone out there who is seeking a little more clarity and direction in their life.”

– Jo

“Pascale’s coaching was excellent. She is perceptive, to the point, and an empathetic person to talk to, asking relevant and pertinent questions as she builds up a picture of who you are and what makes you tick. At the end of our coaching her feedback was accurate and intelligent; she really made me see things in a different and more positive way. The points she made have stayed with me and I’m very happy with her help. I can not recommend Pascale enough, and such a nice person too!”

– Simon

“Pascale is a very professional and hands on coach. From the get go she was focused on the needs of her client. She began her session by asking questions which she made the foundation of her coaching. Initially I was very excited (as I had wanted to try holistic coaching) but became nervous during the actual session. Pascale picked up on this, and naturally adapted herself to be more reassuring and work in a manner that calmed me for the session. What I liked about her the most was her personal touch. She wasn’t distant in her approach, and spoke of her personal experiences, which helped me empathize with and welcome her coaching advice in a warmer manner. I highly recommend Pascale, as she is a natural professional.”

– Zareen

“I really felt like Pascale understood me, she really listened and asked some amazing questions that really helped me dig down deep. She is such a warm and friendly person, I felt so at ease with her. I came away with a renewed sense of acceptance of myself and during the days after our session I really felt a shift in my perception. It was a very powerful feeling.”


“I would highly recommend to everyone to try coaching sessions with Pascale. With just one session, working together, I was able to transcend a old limiting belief that allowed me to release something that was not in line with my true nature. Pascale created a space that encouraged me to do work at a higher energetic level!!”

– Cathy

“Pascale asked thought provoking questions which lead to insights which enabled me to see where I was able to seek change. Her awareness of self means she has great awareness of others and is able to ask the questions required for change.”

– Lucy

“Pascale helped me to find peace of mind with her gentle encouragement and insight. Each session was a space of self-acceptance, which I was able to incorporate into my daily life.

I’m so grateful to Pascale for helping me take the steps back towards alignment with my true self!”


“Pascale as a coach is the perfect combination of allowing me to discover the answers I seek myself and a wealth of ideas and resources. Pascale has a real life approach that is refreshing, making smaller more manageable changes one after another so that changes are more manageable. She has a way of listening to your words but also interpreting what you’re not saying and gently guiding you to answers you never even knew you were looking for.”

– Katrina

“Pascale is a truly gifted woman whose coaching I would like to recommend to others. She’s a professional, authentic, good listener and easy going.”

– Aida

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