Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a coach?
A coach is someone who guides their client to reach their highest potential in life, and helps them to attain their goal in a certain life area. 

A coach unearths someone’s magnificence as to who they really are, of which they may not be aware of or have forgotten. A coach is full of Love; they see the best in their client, they are positive, supportive and encouraging. In the process, a coach helps to develop and maintain someone’s self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief.


A coach helps someone to activate, develop and maintain their self-awareness, which is an essential ingredient in creating any change. A coach investigates possible solutions to an issue, with of utmost importance that the client is leading. In the process this ignites the client’s own self-empowerment. And, it is through the power of developed self-awareness, that the client finds the best resolution for themselves. 

A coach, through deep listening, intuition and curiosity offers perceptive and thought-provoking questions, bringing clarity, which may have been previously unavailable to the client.


A coach provides a safe, supportive, confidential, non-judgmental and nurturing space for someone to speak and share themselves. This option is sometimes unavailable elsewhere.


A coach is someone who keeps their client accountable to themselves, which is often a huge struggle. A coach travels alongside their client; it is a partnership.


Coaches care deeply about people and are passionate about what they do. 

As a Transformational Life Coach, I help people to realize their hidden and highest potential; to realize that they really are prosperous and that they have been gifted with the opportunity to embody their magnificence in the body that they are in. I help to transform people into something they didn’t even think possible. 

What does "holistic" mean?
Holistic means looking at a person in an all-encompassing way; this includes looking at the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of the person, as well as the physical aspect. This gives the practitioner more of a complete picture of the status of the person. The coaching that I offer is holistic.
How does Coaching differ from Psychiatry/Psychology/Counselling?

While many coaches, including myself, are trained and have knowledge of neuroscience, which is also touched upon by other professionals, coaching is not the same as counselling, psychiatry or psychology.


Unlike a /psychiatrist/psychologist/counselor, a coach does not encourage a client to replay and indulge in their story too much, as this is bringing the past into the present and is not helpful in finding solutions to moving on from the past. An issue is zoned-in on, acknowledged, respected and the client is given some time to process arising emotions, but the story is not focused upon. 


Therapy/counselling focuses more on past emotional issues. Therapy rehashes the past. Coaching/psychology/psychiatry focuses on the present, the goal and how to get there. Coaching is more action-orientated. 


Both therapy and coaching have their place and are of use. If reaching a goal is problematic due to unresolved emotional trauma, seeing both a coach and counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist is beneficial.
What happens in a 12 week/6 month/12 month package?
Firstly, there is the option of a free 30 minute call (details of this option can be found on my website). This option gives us the opportunity to see if we are the right fit for one another to work with. Such a session, gives you the opportunity to understand what I provide and it gives myself more information about what you need. If I feel that another colleague would be more suitable for you, I may, heartfeltly, refer you to another highly competent professional. 

This is an option or you may choose to dive fully in.

In this case, the initial session is approximately 1.5 hrs long. This session is longer than the rest as we are covering more of your foundational past, to understand why the current situation is presenting itself today. This is required information in order to get you moving towards the direction that you desire.

Subsequent sessions, in a package, are weekly and last an hour. 

Powerful, intuitive, perceptive questions are raised, as well as feedback offered, in response to what I am hearing, in order to raise your awareness and self-development. Depending on what is required, mind-body tools (such as meditation), may be used in a session. These confidential sessions give you the space to express yourself, in a safe and caring environment, without judgement, which maybe difficult to come by elsewhere. Between sessions, powerful and fascinating at-home activities may be assigned.

I am here to help keep you accountable to yourself. Therefore, in between sessions, unlimited email support is offered.
What are the benefits of having a 12 week/6 month/12 month package versus a one off session?

While one session is highly valuable and much clarity can be gleamed from it, as “mind” professionals, we understand that regular sessions are needed to make long-lasting changes. When we realize that we have practiced a certain way of being for a very long time, life-changing thoughts, emotions and actions are also going to take a while to create. This is why 12 week packages, and onwards, are highly invaluable.  We are very unique and our life experiences differ from one another, therefore the length of the package will range from person to person.

What are my qualifications?

Amongst other qualifications, those which are more pertinent to what I offer include:

Chartered Herbalist
Foot Reflexologist (RCRT)
Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)
Mind-Body Practitioner (MBP)

Holistic Life Coach (CHLC)

And most importantly, Life Experience.

If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch for your free 30 minute one on one "getting to know each other" session.