Cliché? Not really. Be that change

Jan 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Here’s the thing, though.

People like drama. They love to complain about anything. After all, it’s a lot easier than going inwards. Inwards is big work. And, when we do “react”, we satisfy those trolling and prodding. They are waiting for your reaction and we end up giving our power away. Those prodding are getting their kicks off of us and we end up stoking their fire. It is well-practiced and erroneous to think that it is empowering to butt our heads against something that we don’t want.

We all know deep down that there is no separation – even if we are still nurturing little pieces of it.

The Big Bang began from a single point, which spread out into the galaxies, stars, suns, planets, meteors, comets and stardust that we know of today.

The Earth that we stand on wasn’t always separated. It was once a mass continent known as Pangaea, which collided and separated into the different pieces of land (continents, countries) that we know of today.

Even within our own bodies, we carry the 5 known elements of the Universe; those of the Earth (the soil in the foods we eat, stardust), Fire (body temperature, digestive juices), Air (gases), Water (liquids) and Ether (vital force, the inexplicable).

As uncomfortable as it may be, separation is meant to be – or it simply wouldn’t be. It is part of the richness of the human experience, even though we do not regard it as “rich” at the time. It is part of our journey to discover that separation is all but an illusion. It is finding our way back “home”, back to the whole. When we look a little closer, we can begin to see that separation is just something which presents itself as the real. But, in reality, these pieces are all of the same. Every single piece can be placed back together again – just like putting a jig-saw puzzle back together again.

Deep down, we all know that we are not separate from one another. We don’t need to focus on “separation” anymore. We don’t need to focus on the injustice nor the inequality anymore. It has been well established. Point made. We know – done and move on. And if we focus on it any more, all it does is just intensify the separation, that we are in fact trying to disassemble. That method alone makes no headway. Yet, Nature is funny. Again, fighting has its place – or it would not be. It provides the catalyst for change for those whom are watching, observing that that way alone is ineffective and that we may possibly need to try a different approach.

Most of us have heard the phrase: “Be the change”. But, I am not sure that we really know what it means and if we do know what it means, then not many of us are creating it. Creating change requires energy, effort, persistence, faith and time. Change requires the acceptance that we will make mistakes, and it asks us to be kind to ourselves and try again – after we have had a due rest.

So, become the change that you want to see. Be that space oddity that makes people turn their heads. Be that game changer that paves the way for the new norm – until Nature decides that it’s time too for that to change. If, for example, you see your fellow Black man being down trodden, perhaps instead of shouting out the injustice, offer him your hand. Walk beside him. That is positive activism. Each little bit adds up and that’s how we create new world.

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