Let Life in

Aug 26, 2020 | 0 comments

A few days ago, I found out about the abandoned “Hippy houses” on the North Mountain of Nova Scotia. These had apparently been built and occupied by draft-dodgers in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I found them incredibly endearing, full of character and akin to Hobbit houses. They were down my alley. I had posted about these houses on social media and a friend immediately volunteered to come and investigate them with me.

Today, we went to see those houses. Here’s the story.

In the honest acknowledgement of my own disinterest and inaptitude in map reading, my friend generously and happily took the lead. We made our way, in our own vehicles, through a beautiful oceanic scenic route that I had never seen before. As I drove, a pleasant feeling increased in my core. What was causing this? Was it this scenic beauty? Was it the yogic mantras that I was listening to and reciting from my car stereo? Was it the synchronicities asserting and confirming themselves even more so during this drive? Was it because I was going to see something which resonated for me? Was it because I was spending time with friends? All of this in itself is a medicinal formula. But, it could be more than this. I have been cultivating something inside of me for quite some time, and it is accumulating. A spark has reawakened, and this spark tends to come and go. But, with every reappearance, the sensation is amplified. My core illuminates and it feels something like Love. I felt enlivened; Alive. Perhaps the closest description to what I felt during this drive was: Vitality.

This trip had started off very well. I knew it would be a good one.

After a 30 odd minute drive, we reached our destination. We all got out of our cars – our children and my dog, Spirit – and made our way down the trail towards the “Hippy houses”. We spent some time investigating and eventually took some respite by one of the houses. Our children played together while we chatted. All was well, until I realized that my dog, Spirit, had done one of his disappearing acts again. Within a few seconds, my generous and thoughtful new-found-homeschooling friend immediately took the initiative to look for Spirit, while I stayed at the house with the children. No sooner had she gone than a torrential thunder storm began. In the meantime, we hunkered down. My friend and Spirit had been gone for some time; we were in the eye of the storm; the thunder rumbling directly above us and lightning striking around us, and eventually I could feel myself contracting. But, within a few seconds, the contraction also became the portal into expansion. I had a choice here of what I wanted to practice. And, upon realization of the contraction, I looked up at the sky and I opened up. I expanded and embraced Trust and Faith. I knew that no matter what happened, we were loved and looked after. And I also practiced faith that all was well with my friend and Spirit and that we would see them soon.

Once again, on my drive home, I understood that this teaching was re-confirming itself. The following personal stories occur within a 5 year span.

When my daughter was 13 months old, we attended a holistic health fair. Not being a believer, but nonetheless still open-minded and intrigued, we approached a fortune teller. I asked her whether I would have another child, for which I longed for. The clairyoyant responded by telling me that I would have a son in a year. She then backed up and retracted her words. “No. You will have a son very, very soon.” Sure enough, a few weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant – with my son.

Since my daughter was a baby, I have always been pulled towards home-schooling. And, years before that, I had heard of Waldorf and I felt pulled towards that, too. During my children’s infancy, I swayed between homeschooling and French Immersion and when Covid 19 arose, I got my answer. What my Soul knew long ago was finally confirmed: homeschooling it was. As September approached, we began seeking other homeschoolers. For the majority of my life, I have always walked alone, and while I deeply honour my own path, it has been lonely at times. I often wished to be somewhere else, with like-minded people whom I resonated with. And then last summer, I made peace with where I was at – my locality and my company (or rather lack thereof). I was finally grounded. However, as the homeschooling journey ensues, I seem to have found a tribe of truly amazing, like-minded people; we understand each other. And, in addition to this, within a matter of weeks into homeschooling, a Waldorf co-operative sprang up in our area – out of the blue.

I am understanding more and more that everything is going to work out in the end. Life is incredibly clever.

So, back to today’s adventure… Eventually, my free-spirited friend did return – alone – drenched, holding a water-damaged cellphone, yet still smiling.

The storm abated and we decided to look for Spirit elsewhere. Perhaps Spirit was where we parked? We walked back up the trail and low-and-behold, Spirit was in my friends’ car! Someone had put him in the car! And he had eaten my friends pizza! And she was still smiling!

What an introduction into homeschooling. Life experience at its best!

I am reminded time and time again that we are loved and cared for, on this material plane – as well as by something well beyond here; something beyond which the mind cannot fathom. My personal experiences have suggested that we each have a destiny. And, while we do have a little choice in directing our lives, the overall plan has already been laid out. I have also had experiences of being the unconscious manifestor of my own Life. All stories that I have shared in this post illustrate the possibilities of destiny/dharma and manifestation. But these are details and fall by the way side. The nitty-gritty is that we continually fight with ourselves and our minds. But, in clarity, there is no need to fret; no need to control. Life is way more intelligent than we are. Our heads often get in the way of the Magic. We simply need to get out of our own way, get out of Life’s way and let it play out – when it is ready, and, in its own way. As I continue to practice expansion versus contraction, life becomes more and more beautiful and miraculous.

And while I misunderstood my friends driving directions, which ended up taking us through a long-winding, yet beautiful way home, I was at peace. I knew that we would get home sometime. I was letting Life flow through me. I understood that Life has my back.

And how can I acknowledge and love Life back further? Well, we will be taking my friend and her family out for that pizza and if the rice trick doesn’t work on her phone – I’ve got her covered.

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