Something out there

Jul 6, 2020 | 0 comments

My young daughter and son have been playing “dead” a lot the last recent months. As in “I am dead.” They get this from the most benevolent of places, such as the “Frozen” movie. They mean no harm and they don’t really understand what death means.

It has unnerved me when I hear them playing this game, and I have tried to sway them away from it. Until now.

According to Yogis, the root of all fear is the fear of death; of survival. It makes sense. Trace back any fearful thought that you have, break it down and see where it leads you.

I have been working on the fear of death for many months now. I read books about it. I am meeting the fear head-on. There’s no point in ignoring it and brushing it way, because it is eventually inevitable. Yogic teachings tell us that keeping Death on our shoulder is a panacea. It brings us more fully into the Present, into relishing Life, and into Gratitude.

And so, this death-challenge came to a head last night, when my 5 year old daughter asked me what “dead” meant.

We are so scared to talk about death. It’s a jolt to the system for many, isn’t it? And the pain associated with Death? Yes, that’s fearful for many. We will try and sway the conversation towards something else, something more “uplifting”. For example, this post is unlikely to be the most popular. Are you squirming in your seat right now reading this? I wonder how many people stopped reading this post a while ago? And if you’re still reading, congratulations – seriously. I am not being condescending. That is a big deal.

Death is something that we avoid talking about, especially around children. In our western culture, we see death, and anything connected with it, as being morose. We definitely don’t want to talk to children about it and instead focus on a superficial “happy, happy, happy” environment.

But I am not here to create a fantasy for my children. I am here to teach them reality and to prepare them for Life. I am here to teach them the truth as far as I experience it to date.

So, in reply to my daughter, I told her: “One day, Daddy and I will die. This means that we will leave our bodies. We will all die one day. But, even when we have left our bodies, we are still around. We have just changed into something else. We will always be with you.”

What I told her is not an illusion, nor a comforting message to lessen the blow. I am teaching her what I know.

Since the age of 16, I have been able to connect with some field that is inexplicable. I made fun of it back then and the Gift left me. But, it returned big-time once I opened myself up to receive again. I am able to tap into something that is about to take place, which usually occurs a few days later. Often, it happens around major occurrences and people, and yes, it concerns people and other Beings passing on. The majority of the time, I am, as far as I know, unconnected to these people and events – the majority of them I do not know personally. And these messages have happened many times over. What I tap into does not come as an exact or clear message, but rather as a random thought about somebody or something. I cannot yet, and may never be able to decode the exact message. But that’s OK. Currently, I can only connect the dots once the event has occurred.

What I receive is between myself and whatever one calls The Divine. These messages are sacred to me, they are my Gifts. They are love letters between myself and Source and an intimate conversation is taking place. In the past, I have shared my experiences with a few people, and as well-meaning, open and understanding as they are, the depth of what I share cannot be fully grasped by another. Firstly, because it is not meant for them. And, because these occurrences seem so surreal. They are unknown territory for the mind and the mind struggles with the Unknown.
These messages do not reside in the mind. They lie in another Field. Each one of us is capable of receiving these messages, and the messages that we receive will be different for each one of us. The difference is whether we are open enough or not to receive. But, these messages are always available, waiting for us to listen.

And so, I am not a Fortune Teller. I will not be able to tell you your future. Neither is that the business that I choose to be in.

But this is why I explained death to my children as I did. I wasn’t telling her some lovely story passed down through the grapevine. I was sharing with her my direct experience; in that there is something beyond this material plane. I cannot say exactly what. But there is an energy field.

While being extremely grateful for receiving these (love) messages, I am still Human, and my mind still struggles a little in accepting that there is something Beyond here. Because, we’ve been conditioned that way in the West.
Nonetheless, because my mind, as well as my heart is open enough, I keep receiving these messages. And they continue confirming themselves time after time. I trust them, I welcome them, I honour them.

These messages bring huge enrichment to my Life.

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