Peace of Mind

Jun 2, 2020 | 0 comments

This is me communing with the Beautiful Wiilow in the yard. This is me in my Creative Covid Attire. This is me accompanied by my free-spirited children.

This is me, after 19 months of dedicated daily self-work. This is me, embracing that I have reached a new level. This is me, somewhat in awe of where I have arrived.

A few days ago, in meditation, I experienced accessing a deeper, meditative level. Subsequently, over the last few days, I am sensing a state of inner peace that I have not experienced in a long time. Have I even ever experienced this level of Peace before? The state that I have arrived at is increased Love; there’s a sense of happiness. And, there is laughter.This state is completely independent from the use of substances, which I have been freed of for 10 years now.This state is devoid of the expectations of another to complete me. A result of my work is experiencing myself and my man increasingly becoming companions, versus co-dependents. This is a state where I become increasingly empowered within myself.

And, all that was ever required to get me to where I am, was to simply access my True Self; my Pure Being.
Does it mean that I am now enlightened? Does it mean that I have no more to learn? Does it mean that this is the end of my journey?Does it mean that I will experience no more dips?No. None of that.

I have experienced many unfoldings during my journey. I have experienced many dips. Sometimes, I still fall down, but I get up again.The strong willpower that I have been blessed with keeps pulling me through. Sometimes, fears still grasp at me. But, every day, I practice loosening their grip on me. I have understood the concept of flowing with whatever I experience, and most of the time, I do flow. If I catch myself gripping or rejecting, I practice relaxation. I know that anything that we experience is temporary. And I also know that in this world, the darkness almost always accompanies the Light. I know that my psyche is constantly purging. So, I’m pretty sure that there’s more to come.

I still have a ways to go. I am glad that I do because I am enjoying the ride. It’s the mystery of Life and the mystery of what my subconscious storehouse has to throw at me next. This is falling in Love with Life, and with anything that it has to offer; the ups and the downs. This is falling in Love with Myself.

So, during my journey, after a layer has been lifted, I tend to settle; I plateau for a while; as if I get handed a reprieval. My Being is re-calibrating, until it is ready to release the next mother-load.
This time though, I feel like i I have had a breakthrough. Our egos, my ego, must be kept in check or this can sabotage our progress. Stay humble. But, in practicing honesty and authenticity, I truly feel like I have reached a new level. A place that I haven’t been before.

I now get to reap what I’ve sowed – at least for a little while. And I am possibly closer to seeing and experiencing Purity.

We can all access this peace of mind. All it requires is our will and determination.

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