Detoxification Acceleration

May 21, 2020 | 0 comments

This was an amazing ride. Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Yep! Did I love it? YEP!

I recently concluded an 11-day yogic Green detox. I am currently in the readjustment stage of the process, and gradually reintroducing foods back into my body. As the name “Green” suggests, only Green fruits, veg and legumes were permitted for consumption.

But the detox was so much more than food, so much more than activities. Yet, these are also an integral part of the package, the experience, and are so worthy of a mention. The Green detox also consisted of supporting our biggest organ for detoxification: the Skin. During detox, we tended to our skin daily, with self-massage, we dry-brushed, and wait for it…. we took daily cold showers!! Now, this may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, it was. I had struggled and contemplated the idea of cold showers for some time, well before the detox itself. I was aware of the well-known and numerous benefits of cold showers, yet I still felt very uneasy about them. You know, I’m a steaming-hot shower girl in all seasons of the year! And, yet here I was, cold showers being part of the program and now being shoved up in my face!

But, you know me. I am committed and determined. With bravery, I immersed my body under cold running water, daily, for 15 mins, and in turn, I challenged long-held limiting, erroneous thoughts and habits. I was challenging a fear, and I did indeed come out victorious. I love those showers. I anticipate them and I feel invigorated after them!

But you know, in retrospect, we are constantly detoxifying. Each one of us is detoxifying, and the majority of the time, unknowingly detoxifying.

I’ve been detoxifying for some time now. Meditation is detoxification. It’s a detoxification of a fascinating, deep, infinite well, known as the subconscious. In meditation, we chisel away the falsehoods little by little, allowing our foundational, innate light to shine through once more.

If we look at all the uncomfortable emotions that we go through, these are a detoxification. These emotions are a necessary part of Life, they are part of Life’s richness; Life’s expression. Although we fear them, these emotions are really OK. The difficulties arise when these intense emotions overflow from our vessel, causing us to explode uncontrollably. This too is detoxification, yet this version tends to cause more harm than good, for both bearer and receiver. We forget that by injecting a dose of love alongside these turbulent emotions, while allowing them to travel through, our hearts and minds may so easily be eased. This is a disciplined, emotional detoxification, in other words emotional regulation, which is the difference between response rather than reaction.

We often think that a diet detox is merely physical. We greatly misunderstood. I, myself, didn’t fully understand what a detox really entailed. Remember, a few posts back: “Issues in your tissues”? Yeah….that. A detox goes way beyond the physical. It’s emotional, mental and spiritual as well as physical.

A detox isn’t “just” a trendy thing. It means business and it will shake you. It’s certainly a challenge. A diet detox targets the physical, the body, but we forget that the body is an extension of the subconscious mind. This type of detox is a unique and very clever way of detoxifying.

I have been an organic lacto-ovo vegetarian for about a year. My diet has been organic for many years, and therefore many of the side effects that we hear of, such as headaches and cravings, went by the wayside for me. I was already quite accustomed to the food, not to such a Green extreme, but the food did taste great to me. And, so I was pretty immune to side effects, in this respect. However, my detox resided more in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

Roasted Veg – Okra, Green Beans, Broccoli, Sunflower Seeds

Only two days into the Green detox, through into the seventh day, I experienced non-comprehensible, exaggerated anger. I was revolted by the smell of the meat, that my carnivore boyfriend, was cooking. I could detect and was disgusted within seconds, by the scent of his processed blueberry cereal. I was close to retching! I remember, back when I was pregnant with my son, visiting someplace and being especially sensitive to air fresheners that I had to step outside. I could hardly breathe!

So, what was going on?? Where was this anger and sensitivity all coming from? And then, I remembered: “Ohhhhhhh…..Green foods….” Not only are they alkalizing, but they also share a deep kinship with the liver. The liver, which removes toxins. In the holistic world, the liver is well-known as the seat of anger. It now all made sense. The Green was doing its work and releasing pent-up, undetected by the mind, anger. How amazing is that!

I was also exhausted. In recent years, I have noticed how in-tune and sensitive I have become to the changing of the seasons. Usually this occurs when we transit from autumn to fall. I get exhausted. This time it was winter transitioning into our late spring, this year. I was exhausted. Was I channelling the changing of the seasons? Was I just exhausted? Or was my body doing some heavy work detoxifying? The mystery remains, but worth noting.

A week and a bit before my Green detox, I had been cleansing. I drew my boundaries concerning a family member, ejecting what was toxic. And then, two days into my green detox, nowhere near the meatiest part of the journey, I fell, already, into a deep well of depression; a depression that I had not experienced in five years. What was going on?! I lay in bed a lot those days. And then something happened. As, I lay there, a thought came to me: “And what if feeling like this is actually OK too?” I had allowed the discomfort to be there, with a side dose of self-love, and I sprang up out of bed like a spring chicken; my demeanor having completely altered within a few seconds.

Through detox, and with the assistance of the powerful tool of meditation, my outer heart-armour is being dismantled. I am not a very visual person, however, my creativity in the form of visualization has been ignited. Recently, during meditation, I saw a pretty, fresh-faced girl, with the kindest, most loving and patient face looking at me. It took me a moment and then I realized that that girl was the 16 year old me, waiting for me to love her. She got loved that day, and she continues to be loved. Another time, I saw myself cradling myself as I am now, loving and comforting myself. This is a welcome one, which spontaneously conjures up in my mind, now and again. A random dose of self-love? Why not! And, then I had an amazingly touching moment when my paternal Grandfather came to me in meditation. He had passed away when I was 16. I had not grieved back then, and here I was grieving for my Grandfather, as tears streamed down my face.

All of this is detoxification; removing blinding layers, revealing the truth of who we really are.

As is crying. Crying is needless to say, cleansing; in other words a detoxification.

We are undergoing a huge detox right now: the pandemic! The Green detox is a specialty detox, woven amongst Life’s cleverly engineered detoxes. A Green detox is another detox coming from a different angle. A detox allows us to consciously re-boot, to re-evaluate, and to re-assess. What is it that is really important to us?

Something else which I am realizing and find amazing is that some of my intents for the New year are in fact coming into fruition. I am indeed resting, I am softening and I am learning patience.

This was a very turbulent 11 days, but the seas are settling into becoming somewhat placid.

Through this experience, I feel lighter within my being, I feel more comfortable within my body. I feel enlivened. I feel refreshed. I feel clean. I have awakened to nurturing my body as much as I do my mind. I feel inspired to cook again, where I had been lacking enthusiasm for quite a few months. I have a renewed respect for the nutritious food which sustains me and wastage has been reduced.

I feel more in control of my Life.

And more layers are being shed.

Would I do this again? I can’t wait for the next one!!!Until then, the Green holds a sacred space in my “Frigidaire” and those cold showers???? They’re still going strong!!!

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