Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.

– Martin Luther King

This isn’t a marketing gimmick. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extremely authentic and honest person. Anyone who knows me knows that I care deeply. You are not just a client to me. This is my Soul’s purpose and I am determined and dedicated to following it through.

I help people who feel outcast, who feel like the “Black Sheep”, the “weirdos”, the “misfits” who feel misunderstood or unheard, who feel alone and like they don’t belong in this world.

Underlying all of that is a lack of self-love and self-belief. This is something that every human comes across at some point in their lives. It is, in truth, part of the human condition. I help people who en-devour to cultivate self-worth.

I choose to help these people because I understand them. I have been where they are and I know how they feel. And, I also found a way through, to share with others. 


Sidestepping the details, my upbringing was difficult. I felt rejected right from the beginning. I felt like an outsider. And, this feeling spread out in into all areas of my life; into school, amongst my peers, at university, and into the work environment. I had spent a long time suffering with chronic depression and I medicated for 7 years. I didn’t resonate with medication and eventually weaned myself off. I trundled along on with my life, accepting that this was my lot, that I could never expect anything different or better, that I would never find a solution, and that I would always be unhappy. 


After I had my first child, the depression seemed to shift into anxiety and anger. And, my relationship was also struggling. I wanted to be the best mother that I could for my child. My children (of whom, I now have two), are my inspiration. They saved me, where no pill ever could have. They were some of my catalysts, showing me that something had to shift. And, so, I became responsible for my own Life. I began to meditate every day, meticulously conscious of not missing a single day. I also challenged limiting, unhealthy thoughts and beliefs that I had been harbouring for so long.


As a result of my efforts, my perspectives altered. They became more expansive, positive and enlightening. Where I was once so fearful and down on Life, I experienced myself opening up to Life, willing to experience anything that was being offered. The world became a kinder, supportive and loving place. I began to walk taller – energetically and physically. I had settled into my body and became comfortable within myself. My body had begun to heal as the majority of the discomfort dissipated. My self-confidence grew. I no longer dimmed my voice and spoke my truth. I had began to honour and value myself. I had, in effect, rewritten my story. I had finally risen.

Not only had my internal environment changed but my external surroundings also shifted. My relationship with my man became more peaceful and I began to connect better with my children. Friends seemed to spring up from everywhere, adopting me into their lives and families. 


It had taken some time and effort, but I had indeed transformed myself.


I am here to help support and guide you, as well as keeping you accountable to yourself. You are safe with me, you are deeply cared for, and together will move mountains. But, for this to work, you must be willing to meet me half-way. I can assist you, but truthfully, you are your own powerhouse, who is capable of making those tremendous shifts. It does seem daunting at first, but this is also possible for You. This is for You. As you accept to journey through Life, you will become fascinated, fall in love with yourself and with Life Itself. 


Through Exploration, you will indeed Expand, Evolve and Transform. I am here to assist you in reaching your highest potential. This is my passion, what I am here to do. I know how to help you and I hold the highest qualification in doing so: Experience. 


I am honoured to be journeying with you.


Much Love,

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